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This Service Level Agreement (SLA) underscores Page Steady’s dedication to delivering top-tier hosting services. It delineates our commitments regarding service availability and outlines the remedial measures, including credits, if we fall short of these benchmarks.

Service Commitment

Service Uptime Guarantee: Page Steady commits to a minimum Service Uptime of 99% monthly, excluding periods identified as Excused Downtime.

Calculating Uptime

Uptime Percentage Formula:
Uptime Percentage=(Total minutes available in a month−Excused DowntimeTotal minutes in the month)×100Uptime Percentage=(Total minutes in the monthTotal minutes available in a month−Excused Downtime​)×100

Definition of Downtime

Downtime is defined as periods when our services are unavailable to users.

Excused Downtime Includes

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Notified in advance, conducted during off-peak hours.
  • Emergency Maintenance: Urgent interventions for service integrity.
  • Beyond Control Downtime: Downtime due to unforeseeable events beyond Page Steady’s reasonable control, including natural disasters.
  • Customer-related Issues: Downtime stemming from customer actions or inactions or unauthorized service usage.

SLA Credits

  • Credit Issuance: A service credit of 5% for each hour beyond the guaranteed uptime, with requests made within 30 days of the incident. The maximum credit is limited to 100% of the monthly service fee.

Enhanced Commitment for Premium Services

  • 99.5% Uptime for select services with a 10% monthly fee credit for every additional 30 minutes of downtime. This does not extend to third-party managed services.

Terms and Conditions

  • Exclusions: This SLA does not encompass issues linked to third-party services or faults on the customer’s end.
  • Credit Application: Credits, based on our monitoring, will be applied to future billing cycles and are not refundable.
  • Updates: The SLA is subject to periodic reviews and updates to align with service enhancements or operational changes.

International Use Considerations

  • Global Compliance: While Page Steady primarily serves U.S.-based customers, we recognize the global nature of the internet. Customers serving international users are responsible for ensuring their content and service usage comply with applicable international laws and regulations.
  • Liabilities and International Service Use: Page Steady’s liabilities in cases of international service use will be governed by U.S. law, with a clear delineation of responsibilities for compliance with international data protection and cybersecurity laws. Customers are advised to ensure their activities adhere to such laws, including GDPR where applicable, when engaging with international markets.

This SLA reflects Page Steady’s commitment to reliability and excellence in hosting services. For the latest version of this SLA, including any amendments reflecting our evolving practices, please visit our website.